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Since 2015, our coaches have started providing calisthenics classes. From training friends and family in the garden, to building one of the largest calisthenics associations in the world, happend in several phases. On this page you can find everything about the club, the coaches, the concept, the activities, the schedule, our photo album, the gym and legal information.

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The Bodyweight Sports gym

about the club Bodyweight Sports

Calisthenics association Bodyweight Sports has a 500m² accommodation which is specially equipped for practicing calisthenics. With more than 50 hanging bars and hundreds of accessories, every calisthenics exercise can be learned and trained in many different ways and at different levels.

The Calisthenics space in Bodyweight Sports

The calisthenics gym bodyweight sports

The calisthenics space is approximately 325m² in size with a 180m² of artificial grass under which there is a damping floor. On top of this is the large Barmania Pro calisthenics setup. The other part in the calisthenics hall is a large area of ​​145m² where warm-ups are given and climbing ropes, battle ropes and skipping ropes are also used.

The calisthenics setup

The gigantic calisthenics setup in the 7 meter high production hall was manufactured and supplied by Barmania Pro. The design and assembly has been realized by the founders Dean and Tommy (+ many hands of loyal members). The rack is designed for group classes and even competitions. Discover the layout and looks of the sturdy Barmania Pro calisthenics rack in Bodyweight Sports below.

The calisthenics setup at Bodyweight Sports

The free weights area in Bodyweight Sports

In the free weights area you will find many different accessories to complete your training. In addition to dumbbells and Olympic barbells, weight vests, weight belts, a punching bag and resistance bands are available. There are also two squat racks and a cable crossover. With the 4 large wall-mounted bars for Pull-ups, this area is perfectly suited for functional training where you can also train with (extra) weights. View photos of our free weights area below.

Free weights are at bodyweight sports

Changing rooms

You can change at Bodyweight Sports in the very neat changing rooms which are equipped with sinks and toilets. Good to know is that showering is not possible.


With the stairs up you end up in the relaxed bar/lounge where you can sit quietly and possibly play a game of table football. Vegetable protein shakes and electrolyte drinks are available, and free WIFI is also available.

Legal information

Bodyweight Sports has been a Cooperative sports association since March 12, 2022. Thanks to this transition, we have been able to record our many social activities and goals in our articles of association. Discover more about our social impact here

Name: Trust-Cooperation Bodyweight Sports U.A.
Chamber of Commerce: 86381695
Seat: Bernheze
Address: Cereslaan 14 5384VT Heesch
Email: info@bodyweightsports.nl


Tom [Giling]
Dean Hubertus [Louwrenssen]

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