Improve your muscle endurance

Our Calisthenics Workout class is for anyone who wants to work on their condition. During this class you will get started with a series of calisthenics exercises especially for improving your muscular endurance. The class is suitable to go through at your own pace, while one of our coaches actively guides you.

Calisthenics workout class

What does the calisthenics workout class looks like

After the joint warm-up, the explanation of the various calisthenics exercises that are on the program for that lesson follows. This can consist of a round of stations where we switch stations every so often, a number of rounds of different exercises that we will do a number of times, or a large list of exercises that we try to complete before the end of the class.
During the Calisthenics workout class, the goal is to perform as many calisthenics exercises as possible with good form or to complete the planned workout.
This also gives the lesson a unique character and lets you experience where your limits lie.

In the last part of the workout class we always have a 15 minute stretch session together, always nice!

Level: The Calisthenics Workout class is suitable for everyone with every level.
Ages: 14+

Calisthenics workout class

Scheduled Calisthenics Workout classes


  • Calisthenics Workout

    Verbeter je kracht-uithouding tijdens de calisthenics workout les


  • Calisthenics Workout

    Verbeter je kracht-uithouding tijdens de calisthenics workout les

Other types of Calisthenics classes

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