Calisthenics Freestyle class

Discover and learn Freestyle Calisthenics

De Calisthenics Freestyle class gives all participants a very unique opportunity to participate weekly in the most famous calisthenics competition discipline. Freestyle calisthenics is known for the fact that athletes are free to perform and combine all kinds of different types of calisthenics exercises. Our experienced coaches bring out the creative part in every participant in this lesson. With guidance, even someone with low experience in calisthenics can successfully learn some cool freestyle tricks.

Freestyle Calisthenics class

What does the Freestyle Calisthenics class looks like

After a good warm-up, each Freestyle lesson has a specific theme. this could be teaching new tricks, combining specific types of exercises, promoting creativity through small assignments or putting together a complete show! Freestyle calisthenics is very extensive and thanks to the competition experience of our coaches we can help every starting athlete with his or her calisthenics career or prepare for competitions.

Level: The Calisthenics Freestyle class is suitable for anyone with some calisthenics experience. The more advanced the participant is, the more there is to learn!
Ages: 14+

Freestyle calisthenics class

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