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Bodyweight Sports app

The Bodyweight Sports App is a very handy tool to plan your classes and training sessions in our accommodation. In addition, there are many other functions such as looking up exercises in the catalog, playing or viewing workouts we have created, tracking your nutrition, tracking your progress in weight or strength and viewing / adjusting your membership.

Create your own schedules

In the exercise catalog you can put together your own training schedules or workouts with a choice of more than 3000 exercises. By searching by muscle group or accessories, you can easily filter the exercises you want to apply in your schedule. Fun fact: All exercises contain 3d animations to know exactly how to perform something!

Watch & plan workouts

In addition to creating your own workouts or training sessions, you can also use the many training schedules we have created. We have developed different types of workouts with which you can specifically perform your abs, legs, upper body or even stretch workouts for yourself.

workouts bodyweight sports app


You will also find the community tab in the Bodyweight App. It contains different groups that contain all kinds of nice photos, tips or meals. There are also groups like ”Reps and Sets” and ”Workouts” In which you can still find a huge amount of workouts and even the epic club championship and Target workouts!

community bodyweight sports app

A Pro-Account in the Bodyweight Sports App

To use the many functions you need a Pro account for the App, which you receive for free with a subscription. It is also possible to take out a Pro account separately for a small monthly fee. View the Become a member page for this.

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