The advantages of doing calisthenics

Why calisthenics is the best sport to do

Are you curious what calisthenics can do for you? On this page you will find all the advantages of doing calisthenics that you can experience physically, mentally and in general!

Why calisthenics

Pleasure through calisthenics

The greatest strength of calisthenics is that it is a lot of fun to do. With more than 2000 exercises (still) to learn, you can really put your energy into all facets of the sport and get fun out of it. This can be done, for example, by doing all kinds of different forms of a handstand, creating a homemade push-up combination, performing duo exercises or simply playing a bit on the bars by rolling and swinging.

By enjoying exercise itself, the focus is off the possible end goals. This makes you look forward to training again and again!

Pleasure through calisthenics

Pride through calisthenics

By practicing calisthenics you become stronger and learn many new things. You will therefore be very proud of the many exercises that you could not perform before and now you can. By being proud of your own achievements, you become self-confident and have a positive attitude towards life. It is very important to regularly look back at what you have learned in the past period, so that you can be proud of everything you can or have already achieved.

Pride through calisthenics

Friends through calisthenics

Many people meet each other during training and because of the shared interest in calisthenics, you will easily get into a conversation with someone. This is how many friendships (and even relationships) arise in a calisthenics community where the practitioners stimulate and support each other in achieving goals. Calisthenics practitioners often have a lot of respect for each other’s talents and arts, so they are always happy to help each other learn an exercise or motivate you to push yourself to the limit.
By having a (number of) regular training buddy(s) you will have more social interaction and you will be able to exercise with someone more often, this makes practicing calisthenics even more fun!


Strength through calisthenics

By practicing calisthenics you develop enormous strength in your body. Not only because your muscles actually become stronger, but also because your nervous system is better trained to perform a movement with several muscles at the same time. With calisthenics, your body thus becomes more effective in organizing the necessary muscles to perform a desired movement or exercise. In this way you can learn all kinds of exercises in a very short time that you never could before, simply because developing your nervous system is many times faster than increasing or strengthening muscle mass.
This is also the reason why some calisthenics athletes don’t even have huge muscles while they can perform the most impossible exercises, their nervous system is simply extremely well trained for this.


Aesthetics through calisthenics

Everyone has a preference for a certain appearance when it comes to muscle shape and fat content, yet calisthenics is the way of training where the average person finds the results that practitioners achieve exceptional.
By practicing calisthenics you develop muscle growth, but especially muscle tones. This means that you will see the shapes of the muscles better because not only the larger muscle groups, but also the smaller muscle groups are trained. The lines, attachments and transitions of all the different muscles become visible with calisthenics and this results in an athletic looking body. In general, an athletic body, ie not too muscular, not too slim, but with visible muscles, is considered the most beautiful. Calisthenics athletes often have an amazing looking body, which is already a good reason for many people to start with calisthenics.

Aesthetics through calisthenics

A healthy lifestyle through calisthenics

When you practice calisthenics you become extremely motivated to achieve (sports) goals, so you will become interested in many aspects that improve your lifestyle. You want to perform well during your workouts, so you will find it more important to eat healthy meals, get enough sleep or reduce unhealthy habits. Calisthenics is a very effective ”trigger” with regard to developing a healthy lifestyle, which stimulates and contributes to all other facets of a healthy lifestyle.

Hopefully this page has convinced you of the benefits of calisthenics!
We hope this makes you as excited as we are to plan your next training. On our website you can find a huge amount of information about calisthenics, you can search for this in the menu or click below on the calisthenics related pages for more information!

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