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social impact of bodyweight sports

Bodyweight Sports has various social impact objectives that are realized at a rapid pace thanks to the unbridled efforts of our trainers.
In recent decades, the lack of exercise in the Netherlands and all over the world has increased enormously (CBS). Overweight children, adults with physical limitations and the elderly who are barely able to do anything has almost become a habit in the streets.

Bodyweight Sports is committed to all these target groups by stimulating movement and creating enthusiasm for the sport Calisthenics. Thanks to the low threshold and accessibility of Calisthenics, we see a future in which all people can become healthier and fitter through this sport.

professional calisthenics

Development of calisthenics

Since 2015 we have subconsciously already started building up the sport of Calisthenics. Thanks to the establishment of Bodyweight Sports as a calisthenics association since 2022, the most important steps to actually create a sports climate have emerged.

Because the sport is still young (+-15 years), there are all kinds of developments going on with regard to this structure of the sports climate. We believe that building a sport and creating a social impact can only happen by using our experience and knowledge and working together with athletes, organisers, foundations and associations.

As an association with accommodation, we can contribute to research and events, but also to the launch of many projects in the field of safety, sports programs, national competition and jury systems. The sport of calisthenics develops very rapidly worldwide.

Bodyweight sports calisthenics association

Professional calisthenics association

As calisthenics association, it is important that practitioners have the opportunity to practice the sport at a professional indoor location. This is why our location is fully equipped for calisthenics. Bodyweight Sports also wants to continue to improve and expand the accommodation in the upcoming years.

Our accommodation is also used for school lessons, meetings and research. As a result, the sport is growing and it offers opportunities for other people and companies to also get involved in the development of calisthenics.

Our mission is:

-To start a national competition
-Keep track of rankings
-Set rules
-Test new jury systems
-Certify permanent judges
-Carried out technological research parks
-Develop training courses
-Work out calisthenics disciplines
-Testing teaching programs
-Implement measurement systems
-Monitor shared vision
-Collect feedback

and introduce all these developments with the calisthenics community.

World association calisthenics

Worldwide established sport

The world association for calisthenics was founded on September 22, 2022, it is located in the Haagse Sport Centrale in The Hague.
In collaboration with 30+ national federations, they work together to develop the sport, to become a globally established sport in which no one is excluded.

In this way, competitions can run according to the same guidelines all over the world, while the vision from the community is monitored and preserved.

We are honored to be able to contribute to a healthy sports culture and professional sport with our experience and knowledge about calisthenics, with the International Calisthenics & Street-Workout Federation.

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