Calisthenics groupclasses

In our calisthenics association you can follow various calisthenics groupclasses. Each type of group lesson has a different theme, so that a specific lesson is most suitable for every level and objective. Below you will find an overview of the different calisthenics group lessons that we offer. By clicking on the buttons under each lesson you can read more about it.

Calisthenics classes

Calisthenics Basics class

The Calisthenics Basic class is especially for beginners and for anyone who wants to improve his or her basics.

Calisthenics Technique class

the Calisthenics Technique lesson has the theme of learning (one of) the iconic calisthenics exercises. Suitable for every level.

Calisthenics Workout class

The Calisthenics Workout class is aimed at improving muscle endurance. A challenging series of calisthenics exercises at your own pace. Suitable for every level.

Calisthenics Reps & Sets class

The Calisthenics Reps & Sets class is a real strength class. Improve your maximum muscle strength with different challenging repetitions and sets of calisthenics exercises. Suitable for every level.

Calisthenics Progression class

The Calisthenics Progression class is especially for anyone who has specific calisthenics wishes or goals. You can indicate yourself what you want to work on and we provide the perfect training for your goal.

Calisthenics Freestyle class

The Calisthenics Freestyle class is a unique class to learn the Freestyle Calisthenics discipline. Suitable for every fanatic athlete.

Calisthenics Kids class

The Calisthenics Kids class is for children from 10 to 14 years old. We teach calisthenics to the children in a playful way, so that they have a good physical basis for the future throughout their lives.


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