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Learn calisthenics from anywhere

The great thing about calisthenics is that you can learn it anywhere. all you need is the ground, a pole and a good dose of motivation!
However, it can be difficult to know how best to start. Our coaches have created several online productions for anyone who would like some extra help with which you can safely and effectively make a start or take your training to the next level.

oaches Dean and Tommy have been giving daily calisthenics group lessons to men and women of all ages for 7 years now. To allow you to experience as much success as possible, They have created just four online training programs, which have been specifically developed for each level. When you follow the order below, you will experience the fastest progression guaranteed.

🟢Ultra beginner – Calisthenics basis
🟡Beginner – Unlock de Handstand & Unlock de Muscle-up
🟠Intermediate – Ultimate Bodyweight Skills

Do you have questions about our programs? Send us a DM via instagram at @bodyweightsports, @tommy_bodyweight or @dean_bodyweight or send us an email to info@bodyweightsports.nl.

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