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Our Bodyweight Sports coaches are at your service if you would like to organize a unique sports workshop for your club, organization or company. In consultation, a calisthenics workshop can be provided for up to 20 participants. Thanks to our many years of practical experience, we can match the level of the participants and the goals to be achieved. Depending on the type of workshop and the number of participants, we always offer our services at competitive prices.

A calisthenics workshop is fun, challenging and spectacular. Participants always enjoy learning new things, which means that the energy and motivation are always high. A calisthenics workshop can be a fun team outing or an addition to the knowledge and experience of the participants.
To book a workshop, please fill in the request form below. We will then contact you as soon as possible to discuss and possibly plan the assignment.

Calisthenics workshop

Types of calisthenics workshops

Many sports clubs wish to book a workshop when there is a need for specific calisthenics guidance from employees or members. This is why we are often asked to provide a Calisthenics Basic, Muscle-up or Handstand workshop. Of course we can design a workshop for all calisthenics specific purposes, such as freestyle, frontlever, backlever, human-flag, planche or even airwalking. There is also often a need for a professional introduction at (sports) events and especially at calisthenics park openings. Thanks to our many years of experience, a unique and fun workshop can be provided for every target group.
It is possible to combine several types of workshops. If you indicate in your application what your wishes are, we will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

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