Calisthenics demonstration

A spectacular calisthenics demonstration

For (sports) events, openings of calisthenics parks or schoolyards, our trainers and athletes can provide an amazing calisthenics demonstration. Due to our years of experience with calisthenics competitions and our extensive team of athletes, we are very passionate to represent our sport every time. All visitors to your event can experience the highest level of calisthenics exercises in real life and be inspired.

Below you can find some pictures of cool demonstrations that we have already provided.
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Calisthenics demonstration
Calisthenics demonstration outdoor
Calisthenics demonstration at sports event
Calisthenics demonstration show

”The impossible, possible”

At many sporting events, park openings or competitions, a calisthenics demonstration is a cool way to get your audience’s attention. Our inspiring group of athletes show that the impossible is possible. The spectacular exercises with your own body weight create a broader view of sport, human abilities and respect for hard and passionate work. Motivation at its best!

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