Nutrition and Fasting


A healthy body naturally includes a healthy diet. In our club we help many people with a balanced diet and healthy choices.
Because every body is unique and no eating schedule is suitable for everyone, we offer individual coaching in the form of a nutritional consultation.
In most situations. A nutritional consultation means a one-time consultation of +-75 minutes, in which it becomes clear in which areas you can achieve the fastest effects to achieve your goal. After purchasing, our coach will contact you to schedule the appointment. Beforehand you will receive an extensive questionnaire that gives our coach a complete picture of your diet.
You can purchase a nutritional consultation via the button below.


In Bodyweight Sports, almost the entire club practices intermittent fasting, our nutrition coach has set up a complete website where you can find and apply all the information about fasting you need, free of charge, 100% free! (Language of the website is only in Dutch at the moment)

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