Calisthenics Training Routine

Calisthenics training routine

Would you like to have a professional calisthenics training schedule made that is precisely tailored to you?
Thanks to their tens of thousands of hours of experience, our coaches can also help you achieve your desired goals, with which you are guaranteed to make the most progress in four weeks. Have a calisthenics training schedule made specifically for, for example, the Muscle-up, Frontlever, Human-flag or Planche. Our working method is unique and will bring your goals closer than ever!

A calisthenics training routine that just works

Besides the fact that we have been designing calisthenics training schedules and lessons for years, designing a remote calisthenics schedule in particular is a lot more difficult, exercises are simply so diverse and specific that we have to work according to a unique method. How do we work?

1. You make the decision to train 4 weeks to your goals 😉
2. You first choose the two skills you would like to improve/learn in four weeks.
3. You indicate in a short questionnaire at what level you are currently and what you can already do.
4. Our experienced coaches design a calisthenics training schedule especially for you, so that you make the fastest progress.
5. You will receive a personal video from one of our coaches in which all exercises from your schedule are explained and demonstrated.
6. You get started with your training and can contact your coach if you have any questions.
7. After 4 weeks you let us know how you experienced the training schedule and we would love to hear your progress!

For which skills we can design a calisthenics training schedule:
Push-ups, Pull-ups, Dips, Pistol Squat, Pullover, Muscle-ups, Frontlever, Victorian, Backlever, Handstand, Handstand Push-up, 1-arm holds, Dragonflag, Human-flag, Planche, Maltese, Press to Handstand, Freestyle, Weighted

From what level can we help you?
Even with no calisthenics experience, we can perfectly design a calisthenics training schedule for your goals. However, it may be more effective to have an exclusive calisthenics training schedule designed by us if you have specific difficulties with something.

Coach Tommy on the world championship
Bodyweight Sports Coach Tommy op het wereldkampioenschap

What the calisthenics training routine looks like

After completing the questionnaire you will receive a tailor-made calisthenics training schedule containing:

  • How often and how long you can best train per week
  • Which exercises you can do best in each training
  • What progression you can expect after four weeks
  • Video with all exercises demonstrated
  • Special points of attention mentioned
  • Useful tips to optimize your progress
  • Contact options to ask any questions
  • Link to the evaluation form
  • A mountain of motivation to train
  • Special surprise as a gift!

*All explanations (training schedule) and spoken language (video) are in English.

Ready to finally learn that Frontlever of Human flag?

Take your workouts to a professional level for the fastest progression. Learn from the best Dutch athletes + trainers and reach your calisthenics goals in no time! You will receive your personal training schedule within 4 days after purchasing and completing the intake.

Check out our online calisthenics workshops

Online calisthenics workshops

Did you know that we also have created ready to go online calisthenics workshops for every level? Check them out through the button below!

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