Calisthenics competition

Types of calisthenics competitions

There are many calisthenics competitions around the world. In general, there are two types of competitions that are best known, namely Freestyle calisthenics competitions and Reps & Sets competitions. Every year a national championship is organized in most countries and a number of parties worldwide are active in organizing world championships. Because the sport of calisthenics is still relatively young, not every country has a national calisthenics federation, so that the entire sports climate is currently still under development.

Calisthenics competitions

Freestyle calisthenics competitions

In a Freestyle calisthenics competition, the athletes are free to perform their most difficult calisthenics exercises in a combination that is as creative as possible. The aim is to make the entire performance as spectacular as possible. Thanks to the fact that there are thousands of different exercises in calisthenics, the variation is endless. You often see that every athlete has developed his or her own style in combining certain movements. This makes Freestyle calisthenics competitions very impressive to watch.

Freestyle calisthenics competitions

Reps & Sets calisthenics competitions

In a Reps & Sets calisthenics competition, the aim is for the athletes to try to perform one type of calisthenics exercise as often as possible in a row. It also happens that additional weights are used.
During Reps & Sets calisthenics competitions, Push-up, Muscle-up, Pull-up, Chin-up, Dip, Handstand Push-up and Pistol Squat are the most common.
In these competitions there is also the 1 rep max part, which means that the athletes with the highest possible weight must perform one repetition of a certain exercise. It takes hard training and good preparation to perform at your best with Reps & Sets, so this is very impressive to see!

Reps & Sets calisthenics competitions

Dutch championship Freestyle Calisthenics

This year the national freestyle championship will be held in our accomodation in Heesch, Noord Brabant. For more information please visit This page.

NK freestyle calisthenics 2023 Bodyweight sports

Bodyweight Sports athletes on competitions

During many competitions in recent years, our coaches and advanced athletes from the association have participated in competitions. Below you will find a compilation of Bodyweight athletes at the first NLCB Dutch Championship!

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