Private coaching

Transform yourself with our help

Private coaching and training by our experienced coaches can offer you the transformation you are looking for. By training together with your coach at a fixed time every week, you will achieve your personal goals faster. Because we have been guiding people in successful transformations for years, we are convinced that our approach and guidance in movement, nutrition and mindset will change your life once and for all for the better.

Private coaching

Private trainings in our accommodation

If you live somewhat close to our accommodation, weekly training with us is the most ideal. Here we have all the equipment and accessories to guide you at its best. In addition, coming to our accommodation will save you money. Experience the extreme progression in strength, mobility and endurance thanks to the unique knowledge and experience of our trainers. Working out doesn’t have to be something you look up to, but something to look forward to!

Private training

Private trainings on location

Do you simply not have the time or transport to come to us, or do you prefer to be guided in a familiar environment? Then we also offer private training at your desired location. Thanks to the versatility of calisthenics and the experience of our trainers, we can provide complete training anywhere (even without equipment) that will help you make huge progress. However, private training sessions on location are more expensive because of the travel time.

Private training

What you can expect from our private coaching

With private coaching we work in a unique way. In the first instance you will get to know your coach and it is important that there is a click. When our coach is convinced that he can help you achieve your goals, we can immediately start with your first test training. After each training, your coach will get a better picture of your level, lifestyle, progression and experiences, so that each training will have an increasingly better effect. The exercises you do under supervision will therefore increasingly specifically promote your desired goals.

Nutritional guidance

When you have a permanent Bodyweight coach, he will support you at every meeting with the right steps to improve your eating pattern. We will not impose an impersonal or fixed eating schedule on you, but work towards a healthy(er) way of eating in small steps. Time and time again we discover that it is the small and structural changes that make the biggest difference, which is what makes our coaching so unique and effective.

Lifestyle coaching

A Bodyweight Private coach is not only for the most effective workouts or nutritional guidance. After all, it is your entire lifestyle that has an impact on all facets of the goals you want to achieve. Your coach can give you insight and advice about this, whether it has to do with your work, exercise, nutrition, family, sleep or stress. With a private coach you have a listening ear and a compassionate friend. Private coaching means confidential and private communication, which can be an important factor in achieving your goals.

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